Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1 - Monday Quote

In 2009, State Senator Troy Fraser (R) sponsored SB362, a voter I.D. bill.  During a debate on the bill, Senator Wendy Davis--she of recent Texas abortion bill filibuster fame--asked Mr. Fraser a question.  His "answer" to her is this week's quote.

monday quote:  I have trouble hearing women's voices. 

I wonder if he can hear her now?

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  1. (said while wearing a smile that says,"Oh no he did not say that" Did he?) Is he that stupid? Politically or otherwise?
    But what it DID say was that he has a lot of contempt for women.
    Which is connected to his stance, via his political cohorts, on women in general. Because if he could hear them he would not, could not, have said that.
    In Texas they probably have a saying to cover such situations, but in my neck of the woods we'd just say he was a dumb ass.
    And, the very fact that he is an elected 'official' says a lot about his neck of the woods and the electorate in his district that put him in office.
    I'm pissed off. Does it show?