Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quick Fact: Rick Perry and Wendy Davis Trade Post-filibuster Jabs

Texas Governor Rick Perry and state Senator Wendy Davis traded jabs this past week after Senator Davis' filibuster stopped Governor Perry from getting a restrictive abortion bill passed that he had supported.

Ms. Davis was once a single mother of 19 and living in a trailer park with her infant daughter. She went on to finish college and law school before becoming a state Senator.  Mr. Perry told the media that he thought Ms. Davis should learn from her own example as a teen mother who kept her baby and still managed to move on to a successful career.

Ms. Davis replied that her success was possible because of the help she got from Planned Parenthood.  (Texas recently passed a budget that banned any funds for Planned Parenthood's contraceptive services.)

"The Planned Parenthood clinic on Henderson Street in Fort Worth was my sole source of health care for four or five years when I was a young adult.  Consider a 19 year old single mom who wants to be smarter about her family planning so she can go to school and move forward with her career.  Had I not had those services available to me I would not be standing where I am today."
Take that, Governor.  
Texas-- the state that cuts off funds used to provide contraception assistance to poor women and now wants to ban abortion.  What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. I'm hoping, that because the republican controlled state senate forced Sen. Wendy Davis to comply with a ridiculous set of standards, believing that the "little woman" would not be able to meet, AND the very fact that she did, will result in a backlash for those very same republicans.
    It was a "movie moment" for cryin' out loud. "Let's slap her down and get her out of our way" and she turned the tables on them.
    Now she's a hero and they (the tex repubs) are the bad guy.
    There are lot of female voters in Texas. Hope they can see who their champion is.