Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quick Fact: Over-the-top Christian Pastor on the Loose in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, Methodist pastor Keith Cressman is suing the state over his car's license plate. The Oklahoma state license plate features a picture of a Native American shooting an arrow into the sky.  Pastor Cressman claims that driving with this image on his car forces him to be a "mobile billboard" for a pagan religion. 


  1. And once again we see the examples of contemporary Christians being so far buried in their dogma and their insecurity that they cannot even acknowledge qualities. Some of the best "Christian" acting people were not Christian. And some of the worst and nastiest people that would be considered an insult to Jesus' teachings were themselves self-proclaimed Christians. Apparently he said something to the effect of "Ye shall know them by their fruits". And yet we consistently see people judged by superficial means, i.e. what do they label themselves as, how often do they show up at church, what sort of bumper stickers do they sport, what things do they utter and proclaim. I think he meant for us to see each other based on how we actually act and treat each other. Not too complicated. The average Indian had a deep, abiding reverence for all things related to the Earth (God's creation?) and lived in a sacred manner with respect and intent. Naturally, without being threatened with some hot, underworld eternal existence of damnation. So who is truly serving the divine here?

  2. I don't have a clue why this buffoon of a "minister" felt as he did, but being an Idiot jumps to mind right off the bat.

    Did you ever notice how many of these inexplicable conclusions come from the mouths of "baptist" ministers? And, surely, not all Baptist Ministers, ordained or claimed, are akin to the man in question. Nor do I include them in my comments.

    I know for a fact that just about anybody who wants to start a church can do so with nothing but a bible in their hands. Formal education is not a requirement to do so.

    Take this from a man who came "this close" to entering the ministry. I was granted a full scholarship to become a Minister in the Congregational Church. They wanted me to attend their Seminary in Maine. Sometimes, in the face of religious arguments in America today, I truly wish I had.

    My Christian faith was, and remains, unshakable.

    But it was during this moment at the crossroads, when I realized the full weight of that responsibility and all that goes with "tending the flock", that after much soul searching, I abandoned the journey ahead.

    I cannot speak for Jesus, nor will I try, but there is little doubt in my mind that JESUS CHRIST himself wouldn't hesitate to befriend an American native.

    As for the dumb ass and the arrow shooting license plate he is whining about: If he can see something in that license plate that would tempt, or force, him to worship it, he might have a point under the not worshiping false idols.

    Then again, IF he does feel that 'the voices" are urging him to abandoned his faith and bow to the license plate, they need to send him for a psychiatric evaluation.