Saturday, June 29, 2013

Eye Recommend --- Bob Schieffer Gives Congress a Badly Needed Reality Check...


Mr. Barr writes about what he calls "an epic smackdown" of Congress given by Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation last Sunday.  (Any underlines are mine.)

In his remarks, Mr. Schieffer gave special attention to the House's inability to pass a Farm Bill that everyone said they wanted to see pass.  
"House Republican leaders thought they had the votes to pass the bill, but 60 Republicans suddenly turned on their leaders because they thought federal programs needed to be cut even more.  They joined forces with a group of Democrats who opposed the bill, because they thought the programs had been cut too much.  So the whole thing collapsed, nobody got anything and nothing got done--a sentence you could use to describe most Capitol Hill weeks...There are some exceptions, but many House members especially have come to live in a world unknown and disconnected to the rest of us.  They work 3 days a week, they take long and frequent vacations and busy themselves with things that have no connection to the rest of us--fundraising to ensure reelection, traveling, issuing press releases and more fundraising.  But nothing that affects the rest of us ever seems to get done.  It's obvious they want to be something--a member of Congress.  But when I came to Washington, most members wanted to do something.  When did that go out of style?" 
Mr. Barr goes on to call Mr. Schieffer one of the "smartest people in TV news" and points out what congressional Republicans have focused on:  "attempting to repeal Obamacare 37 times (at a cost to taxpayers of around $55 million), unconstitutional abortion bans that seek to skirt around Rove v. Wade, demonizing food stamp recipients and refusing to pass a single jobs bill.

Of course, they've also been focused on pushing scandal after scandal in the hopes that one will stick.  First it was Benghazi, which we later found out they had purposefully passed off edited emails as fact to try to make the Obama administration look bad.  Then we have the IRS scandal, which Darrell Issa knew wasn't a scandal from the beginning...(Congressional Republicans have) proven that they don't care what the public wants and they only seem concerned with pushing the agendas of their corporate overlords."

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Bob Schieffer and Thomas Barr--telling it like it is.

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