Sunday, May 5, 2013

Eye Recommend --- In New Hampshire, Senator Finds Her Vote on Gun Bill is Hot Topic

I have wondered how Republican Senators are being received at home since the gun control votes of last month.  It turns out that, in New Hampshire, things are a little bumpy. 
An ad created by Americans for Responsible Solutions is currently running there.  Part of the text asks: "Are you serious?  89 percent of the people in New Hampshire support universal background checks.  She just ignored us?"

"WARREN. N.H. -- It was 45 minutes into Senator Kelly Ayotte's town hall-style meeting here...and the local Republican official screening question topics had allowed just one query on gun control...

...'You like to regulate that,' shouted Eric Knuffke, 72, a resident of nearby Wentworth who rose to complain about the way (those being chosen to ask questions) were being cherry-picked. 'But you don't want to regulate guns.'...

...In an effort to settle the room down, Ms. Ayotte turned to Erica Lafferty, whose mother was one of the 27 people who were killed in the shootings in Newtown, Conn." 
(Not the best choice, as it turned out.) 
 "Ms. Lafferty, 27, asked the senator about a previous remark that background checks could burden gun stores.  'I'm just wondering,' she said...'why the burden of my mother being gunned down in the halls of her elementary school isn't as important?'...

...Through a spokesman, (Ms. Ayotte) declined a request for an interview.  Though her office organized a series of town meetings across the state this week, it barely publicized them.  On her way out of the meeting here, she ignored reporters' questions."
The article goes on to say that Ms. Ayotte's supporters say that those expressing pro-gun control opinions are from a coalition of liberal groups trying creating "noise" and it is questionable if Ms. Ayotte will be convinced to change her mind on the issue.  The case of former Senator Dick Swett is used as an example to explain why Ms. Ayotte must remain steadfast in her opposition to gun control.   Mr. Swett was a third-term Democratic congressmen when he voted in favor of the U.S. 1994 ban on assault weapons.  He was defeated in the next election. 
In other words, no matter what her constituents say, Ms. Ayotte will continue to use her vote to protect her job instead of the people who elected her.
We can only hope that those 89% of New Hampshire-ites who support gun control will vote on the next election day and show Ms. Ayotte that this is no longer 1994. 


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  2. Regarding logic: The Republican Party has had me 'against a wall twice now. For the second time in my life and I am at a loss for words. So, give me a sec and I'll try to clear away the clutter they use to block logic.
    It's obvious, when Republicans vote as they do on any form of gun control, that they really are afraid for their jobs. And, whether they receive substantial cash donations to their campaigns, or fear a well funded anti campaign against them, they will do just what they are told to do.
    Other than John Huntsman, I have not seen one Republican willing to 'break ranks' and speak her/his mind.
    When told to 'sit', they 'sit'. Same goes for, 'come' 'fetch', and 'roll-over'. I started to say "and sadly", for when they are told "sic 'em".
    But the fact remains that they choose to obey all of these 'commands'. That should be criminal in, and of itself.
    We vote them in to be OUR voice, not the voice of corporate Amerika.
    Once in, they do nothing except run for reelection, ALL of them, ergo they do as they are told. They are 'Good Dogs".
    I think I shall have a beer on the back porch when I get home, strum on my guitar, and try not to think of those Bozo's.
    I hope that I haven't offended Bozo with that remark.