Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eye Recommend --- One School's Catholic Teaching

This is just so sad.  
"Columbus, Ohio -- No one at the Catholic high school that fired Carla Hale in March claimed that she was anything less than a terrific physical education teacher and coach, devoted to the kids and adored by many of them.

No one accused her of bringing her personal life into the gym or onto the fields.  By nature she's private.  And she loved her job too much to risk it that way.

But she lost it nonetheless, and the how is as flabbergasting as the why is infuriating.

Rather suddenly, her mother died, and an hour afterward, she and her brother numbly went through the paces of a standard obituary listing survivors.  Her brother included his wife.  So Carla included her partner, Julie, whom her mother had known well and loved.  Leaving Julie out would have been unthinkable...

...A parent of one of the school's students spotted the obituary, and wrote an anonymous letter to the school and to the Diocese of Columbus, saying that they couldn't allow a woman like Carla to educate Catholic children.

So they don't, not anymore.  In a termination notice, the principal explained that Carla's 'spousal relationship violates the moral laws of the Catholic Church.'  That was the sum of the stated grievance against her, and after more than 18 years at Bishop Watterson High School, Carla, 57, was done."
The cowardice exhibited by the parent who reported the obituary to the school and the Diocese anonymously is bad enough; but the hypocrisy shown by a Catholic Church that protected priests, and, according to a group of nuns and priests calling themselves Catholic Whistleblowers, is still protecting them--read more here:,  is unfathomable.
Just so sad. 

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