Friday, April 8, 2016

More Stories from Political Pollution


m'eye thoughts:  Stop! If you're a Bernie supporter but Hillary gets the nomination, or vice versa, are you really going to NOT vote? Why not just show up and vote for Trump instead? 

By pouting and staying home because your fav isn't on the ballot, you'll be handing the presidency to Trump, whose supporters will be out in force.  And nobody sane wants that.

Your vote counts.  Every vote recorded for a Democrat means the Republican candidate needs two to beat us.


From my friend, Matthew.  He posted this on his page, I stole it because, really,when are they going to just stop?!



Way to go, Governor Scott!  (or: How a Republican Governor says "I care.")

"Let's say you're a Florida doctor, a heart specialist who spends one day a week in a state-run-clinic treating poor children with heart conditions under the state's Children's Medical Services program.  You're doing this because you're, well, a decent human being.

And then you get a letter from the state saying they're going to start billing you for the privilege of treating those kids."

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