Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Today's Political Pollution Stories


m'eye thoughts:  "Department of Environmental?!"

How do I just know that this man hasn't read a book since he finished school? Even the rodent living on his head is embarrassed.

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Another sex scandal exposed, another sex scandal denied, another sex scandal admitted, another sex scandal plea for forgiveness.

Or, as I call it, just another day in Republican-land.

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WTF?!  Is this supposed to make me feel better? Why are Republicans even talking about punishing women at all? Can no candidate think beyond Mr. Rich White Trash?  He says something stupid and/or offensive, and they all follow by jumping in with their own ideas on how whatever stupid and/or offensive thing he has said will work when they're in charge.

And, John, your I'm-Not-Really-a-Moderate roots are showing.

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