Sunday, April 3, 2016

Today's Idiot With a Gun - They Make 'Em Dumber in Texas

On Friday, a 7-year-old shot himself in the leg with his father's handgun.  The little boy didn't find it on a table, or hidden under a pillow.  No, this 7-year-old's father is not that careless--he's even worse.

Andrew Crittenden of San Angelo actually GAVE the gun to his son to play with.  He later told police that he thought the gun was unloaded.

And gun un-safety isn't Mr. Crittenden's only talent.  He managed to hit a 5-year-old with his pick-up truck while on the way to the hospital with his injured son.  

Both children will be fine.

eye'm thynkin':  #1  What sane person gives a 7-year-old a real gun to play with like a toy?

#2  He THOUGHT the gun was empty?  He didn't check?

Read more at The Dallas Morning News

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