Monday, April 4, 2016

Wisconsin's Not So Subtle Attempt to Eliminate Student Voting

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University of Wisconsin students...can't use their student IDs at the ballot box.  Unless they have a Wisconsin drivers license or passport, they must go to a campus office, present their student ID, and request an additional voter ID that complies with Gov. Scott Walker's law...

While poll workers will accept an expired drivers license, passport, tribal ID, or military ID, the student voter ID must be less than two years old.  Students must additionally print out and bring a proof of enrollment, such as a class schedule...  And while poll workers are only mandated to look at a person's name and photo on most IDs, when examining student IDs they must also check for a signature.

Student leaders at the UW's flagship campus in Madison told ThinkProgress they feel singled out for extra scrutiny.  

"It seems like the state legislature doesn't want a bunch of students voting," said junior Jessica Franco-Morales, a member of the student council working on voter education and outreach on campus.  "(The lawmakers) could have changed the law to make our student IDs compatible, but they didn't.  Their attack on certain populations seems pretty blatant."...

...The legislature changed the law to include veterans ID cards, but ignored pleas from students to do the same for them.

eye'm thynkin':  Here's a photo comparing a UW student ID and a UW issued voter ID.  They're practically identical and include the same information.  The student ID even includes an expiration date--which would seem to eliminate the requirement to provide a class schedule to prove you're really a student.   

Looking at the evidence, one might be tempted to think Scott Walker and his Republican cronies are trying to stop students--who tend to be more liberal and vote Democrat--mucking up their cushy Republican haven. 

Read more at Think Progress

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