Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Two More Stories from Political Pollution


"The company lit up its HQ, the 48-story Duke Energy Center tower, in the colours of the transgender flag for the International Day of Transgender Visibility last week.  The pink, white, and blue lighting was topped off with a giant pink triangle, which could be seen for miles across Charlotte."

m'eye thoughts:  They should leave this lighting up until NC repeals its right to hate law.

Read more at Pink News


Widdle Ricky got hims widdle feelings hurted.

"It's inevitable that prominent figures in public life, most notably politicians, are occasionally going to be confronted by critics.  There are, however different ways to handle hecklers...

...(But) since when do political operations tied to elected officials go after regular, private citizens?  Is there any precident at all for a sitting governor's PAC launching an attack ad against a constituent?

For that matter, just as an issue of tactical wisdom, it's hard to see the benefit of playing hardball like this.  Yes, when the governor faced coffee-shop heckling last week, it generated some attention.  But it was a one-day story on its way out--right up until Rick Scott's PAC decided to shine a light on the incident all over again."

Read more at MSNBC

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