Monday, November 16, 2015

1,500 Leave Mormon "Church" Over New Anti-Gay Policy

"About 1,500 Mormons are resigning from the Church of Latter-day Saints to protest a new policy that labels same-sex couples apostate and bans children of same-sex relationships from being baptized...

...Attorney Mark Naugle said church members who want to resign brought the letters to his office on Saturday. 

'We had an incredible turnout,' he said, 'I was slammed for three hours.  Some people stood in line for an hour and a half.'

Naugle said he plans to deliver the letters on Monday.

A call for mass resignations started about a week ago, when the LDS church released new guidelines for lay leaders known as 'Handbook 1.'

One policy prohibits the 'natural or adopted ' children of parents in same-sex relationships from receiving a name and a blessing in a ceremony performed by the Mormon priesthood."

eye'm thynkin':  Considering the way the Mormon "church" has always treated that part of our society, I'm surprised the LDS cult still has (had?) that many LGBT people left in their membership.  It's hard to understand why they didn't all leave long ago. 
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