Friday, November 13, 2015

Ben Carson: Hero, Christian, Surgeon, Plagiarist?

"Carson's 2012 book, America the Beautiful, contains instances of plagiarism from at least three different sources, including one conservative website and two books written by other authors.  The irony here may be that in his book, Carson admits that he was caught plagiarizing other people's work in a similar manner while he was in college.  It now appears that he failed to learn his lesson.  Harper Collins says it's reviewing the matter."

eye'm thynkin':  Its interesting that, while this story is just really being noticed now, ABC News reported that Mr. Carson apologized for the plagiarism back in January of this year.  At that time, the soon-to-be-candidate said he was working with publishers to correct his (ahem) oversights.  

The question becomes: did he miss some stolen passages which are just now being noticed--which means there were a lot more than first acknowledged--or was nothing done to correct the plagiarism as was promised eleven months ago?  Either way, it just adds another layer of doubt to candidate Ben Carson's already questionable character.

Read more at Daily News Bin and, for a detailed look at the stolen passages and their sources: Occupy Democrats

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