Wednesday, November 25, 2015

John Kasich, Anything BUT a Moderate on Women's Health Issues

what eye thynk:  News stories in Ohio continue to uncover more and more of Governor John Kasich's (R) long suspected web of behind the scenes maneuvering against a woman's right to choose in his state. His style of backdoor anti-abortion work is simply more of the same sneaky tactics reporters uncovered last year with regard to his anti-environment work assisting the Republican dominated legislature's moves to make Ohio the first state to go backwards on the development of renewable energy sources.

Now Mr. Kasich is trying to portray himself as a moderate Republican presidential candidate while continuing to push for more and more abortion restrictions in Ohio.  The state legislature has passed three new prohibitions.  Mr. Kasich has not signed them, though he has said he supports all three.  It seems he is holding off signing the new prohibitions into law while he weighs the political pros and cons for his limping campaign.

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Eye Recommend:
Why did John Kasich hid his agenda against women?  Why didn't he claim his role in crafting targeted regulations on abortion providers? He even tried to distance himself after the Associated email exchanges between his staff, legislative staff, and Ohio Right to Life. 
Discovering the evidence of Kasich's legislative actions is like finding a cockroach in the kitchen--where there is one, there are surely more. 
Passing new (anti-abortion) laws was just the beginning for John. He also sat Ohio Right to Life president Mike Gonidakis (who does NOT have a medical degree) on the state medical board, and tasked political appointee Richard Hodges with the job of using the Department of Health to harass abortion providers... Hodges replaced Dr. Ted Wymslo (director of the Ohio Department of Health) because of pressure from Gonidakis.  Gonidakis met with Kasich the day before Dr. Wymslo's resignation.
Why did Kasich hide his role?  Because he didn't want us to realize how many cockroaches he has running his kitchen...or raise the ire of voters before his 2014 reelection campaign.
Mr. Kasich and the Ohio legislature insist the three new restrictions passed this year are designed to save lives--whose is a question that doesn't have a clear answer. One restriction defunds Planned Parenthood, even going so far as to restrict state money from being used for cancer screenings and HIV tests. (Neither Mr. Kasich nor any of his minions have offered to explain how this will save women's lives.)

A second restriction would force Ohio women to carry a non-viable fetus to full-term, in effect, forcing a women to suffer through months of carrying what she and her doctor are fully aware is an infant that will either be born dead or die within minutes of birth.  (I can't figure whose life they think they're saving here, since the only one left standing will be a woman who has suffered needlessly so some politician can gain bragging rights for being more pro-life than some other politician.)

A third restriction waiting for the governor and "moderate" presidential candidate's signature is equally senseless.  Under this prohibition, a woman who is told she is carrying a fetus with Down Syndrome would be prohibited for aborting it for that reason.  Her neighbor could still, even under the limited abortion access left by Governor Kasich's and the Ohio legislature's actions, abort a healthy fetus without having to state a reason, but find out your fetus has Down Syndrome and abortion is no longer an option.
If Kasich finds himself struggling with conservative voters in Iowa or New Hampshire, he simple needs to snap his fingers and one of these three proposals will be passed to his desk for a signature, to send a signal of his core beliefs.
All along, Kasich has wanted to impose his morals on others without having to pay the political price.  He has hidden his involvement as he thought ahead to position himself as a moderate for 2016.  This way, he can wait to see how his restrictions play out and then decide how much credit to claim.  If his ideas don't poll well, he will claim his administration merely enforces the laws.
Please don't disturb the cockroaches in his kitchen.  They're still trying to cook.
Governor Kasich's campaign has shown how uncomfortably awkward he is around women.  Maybe he'd feel a bit more at ease if he stopped using us a political pawns and started seeing us as people.

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