Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ben Carson Does NOT Like Having His "Truthiness" Questioned

3:15 video

In his book, "Gifted Hands," Ben Carson claims that West Point offered him a "full scholarship." Politico's investigation of that claim revealed that, according to the military academy's records, Mr. Carson had never applied, never been accepted, and never was awarded any type of scholarship from the school.

Yesterday, Mr. Carson faced media questions on this issue.  It did not go well.

what eye thynk:  The video gives a look at a side of Ben Carson that is not as measured and controlled as his usual public persona.  Mr. Carson seems to believe he is being subjected to an unreasonable amount of public scrutiny.  It's unfair!  Barack Obama never had to face anything like this!  (Hillary Clinton's 11-hour Benghazi scrutiny-fest doesn't seem to have registered with him either.)

To prove what he seems to think is a valid point, he then goes on a rant about the President's college records being sealed.  In fact, this sealed records screed was completely discredited by way back in 2012.  (How to Be a Republican - Rule #413: If the facts don't fit your scenario, ignore the facts.) 

After two minutes of candidate Carson attempting to put the media on the defensive, a female reporter changes the subject by asking him about another subject he discusses in his book: his record of youthful violence.   In one specific claim, he writes that his conversion to Christianity came after he attempted to stab a classmate and the blade broke off on his victim's belt buckle.  

Politico's investigation could turn up no one who remembered the young Ben ever displaying the type of violent behavior he describes in "Gifted Hands."  The victim saved by his miraculous belt buckle proved impossible to find since, as Mr. Carson said, he is given a false name in the book to protect his privacy.

 The reporter asks Mr. Carson if he is so touchy about having his veracity questioned, why not just release the name of the person he claims he attacked so the media can verify his story and end the controversy.  Mr. Carson's reply demonstrates that he just doesn't understand that, when it comes to politics and the media in this country, the politician doesn't get to call the shots.

Suddenly, being the Republican presidential front runner isn't so much fun anymore.

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