Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ben Carson Says He--Not the Media--Will Decide What He Talks About

"(Ben) Carson, a former neurosurgeon, is currently one of the leaders in the GOP primary field.  As he has risen in the polls, a series of reports have highlighted inconsistencies about aspects of the personal narrative he has told in books and speeches over the years... After he left the (debate stage on Tuesday), he spoke to reporters in the spin room, and declared he was done answering questions about his stories.

'From this point on, I get to determine what the hook is.  I get to determine whether I'm going to answer what I consider silly questions,' Carson explained.  'If people have substantial things to talk about, I will.  But if they want to talk about, well, you know, "Back in this book in 1990, you know, your mother got into some trouble, and can we talk about that?" No, I'm going to say go jump in a lake.'"

eye'm thynkin':  So seven years later, President Obama is still being questioned about his birth certificate, but you aren't going to answer personal questions before you've even racked up one vote?  Seems fair.

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