Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Republican Party Is the True Ugly American

"While America has grown disturbingly used to this kind of opportunistic politicizing of tragedies from conservatives, the French media seemed completely taken aback  And rightfully so.  This was a time to ensure people were safe, mourn the victims, and convey facts.  American conservatives used it to score cheap points to further their agendas.

After seeing Gingrich's pitiful stab at turning France's tragedy into a way to sell more American guns, France 24's Mark Owen was both baffled and outraged.

'So he's using this atrocity to make his point (that) people should be able to carry guns basically.  It's funny how people will very distastefully use this kind of situation to express their own particular political (inaudible).  Newt Gingrich, shame on you.'

As we've seen before, conservatives couldn't wait to make Frances tragedy an excuse to further their own agendas. Unable to understand things like context and sensitivity, they managed to again become a national embarrassment to an international audience."

eye'm thynkin':  I hope all those good, true, faithful "Christian" Republican candidates are in church today praying for forgiveness in the face of their unbelievable selfishness and utter lack of compassion.  Choosing to use someone else's tragedy to promote your own personal agenda is not the Christianity I grew up with.

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