Thursday, November 19, 2015

Syrian Family Waits 3 Years, Indiana Gov. Turns Them Away

The Republican party sees these children as the enemy
"Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has won the prize for the biggest piece of shit in America.

Two Syrian refugee families who had been approved to be moved to the United States and were scheduled to arrive in Indianapolis on Thursday have been officially told they are not welcome.

I want to hear not one damn thing from Republicans about the 'Christian' thing to do from here on (out).  Not one damn thing.  Not one fucking stupid, sanctimonious, pompous-ass thing about Christian values or American exceptionalism... 

...The letters also told Exodus Refugee Immigration Inc. and Catholic Charities Indianapolis to notify its national resettlement agencies that all subsequent arrivals be suspended or redirected to other states.

One of the families has been waiting in Jordan for three years before getting approval to move to the U.S., according to the New York Times.  The family of three will be resettled in New Haven, Conn. the Times reports."

eye'm thynkin':  This was written by Hunter of Daily Kos, and he (she?) is one angry blogger, and rightfully so.  Two SYRIAN families--both thoroughly vetted, one that has been waiting three years to find a home away from the civil war that has made their country unlivable--have been rejected by the land of "bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses" because FRENCH and BELGIAN citizens terrorized Paris last week.  

If this makes no sense to you, you are not a rabid Christian-in-name-only racist Republican like Governor Mike Pence, or Senator Ted Cruz, or Governor Chris Christie, or Donald Trump, or...

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