Monday, November 23, 2015

A 1941 Dr. Seuss Cartoon for 2015 Republicans

"Dr. Seuss was actually a political cartoon contributor for New York's PM Newspaper for part of his early career. This was his piece on October 1, 1941. 

(It was created) in reaction to the fact that most Americans opposed Adolph Hitler's anti-Jew policies while also being opposed to granting safe haven to refugee Jews.

And here we are again today, over 74 years later, where people are being executed by an occupying force and need to get out of the country...

...You want America to be a hero to the world.  Well, here's the news flash: heroes take risks... There are gobs of refugees in so many other countries, countries that aren't separated from ISIL by an ocean... And yet, they're the ones stepping up.

So much flag-waving.  So much faux patriotism.  You just want America to be viewed as a hero, but you want to make her a coward... You demand the world's respect without wanting to do any of the work, without taking any of the risk...

...Other countries are (stepping up), but your big, tough, macho Republican leaders are cowering like children.

We're turning our back on desperate people who need us, and the rest of the world is picking up our slack.  And don't think the rest of the world doesn't notice.

eye'm thynkin':   Fifty years from now, will America be remembered as the wolf?

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