Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bernie Sanders: "Bitter rhetoric can have unintended consequences."

"As police continue their investigation into what prompted a man to walk into a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood and start shooting people, the nation is left in that unsettling gray zone between being able to call this tragedy what it is and pretending--some more desperately than others--that it could be anything else.

While most politicians hedge their bets and refuse to call this act of terrorism an act of terrorism, Bernie Sanders just pointed out the elephant in the room... To think that Republicans could continuously slander Planned Parenthood with lies comparing them to 'baby killers' and murderers and not provoke a violent response from some of their least stable supporters is lunacy. Words have consequences...

...Republicans who had hoped they could score cheap political points by spreading lies about Planned Parenthood...have been put on notice.  You need to own this tragedy.  Pro-life?  Not when it comes to spreading dangerous ideas about a group of doctors and nurses whom you happen to disagree with...

...As if to demonstrate their guilt, the entire Republican presidential field has been uncomfortably silent in wake of the shooting spree.  No calls for prayer.  No condolences to the victims.  Just deadening silence.  It's almost as if their consciences are feeling an unsettling twinge deep inside their chests and they don't know what to make of it.  Guilt will do that." 

eye'm thynkin':  You can't continue to spew hate and not take responsibility when your supporters act hatefully. 

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