Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hey, Ben: We're Still Waiting

what eye thynk:  Ben Carson's 15 minutes at the top of the Republican polls have come to an end.  He has pretty much been relegated to second tier news these days; but there are one or two things I'd like to clear up before he becomes the Michele Bachmann of the 2016 presidential election cycle (good for a laugh, but still glad to see her/him go):

1.  Earlier this month, Ben Carson was caught in a false story about the overwhelming "honesty" he exhibited while a student at Yale.  He was so honest that the Yale newspaper came to photograph him!  The story was bogus, his proof was actually satire, but he still insisted he had that photo and he was going to show it to the world "in a few days."  That was November 9.  We're still waiting.

2.  A few days later, Mr. Carson claimed China was working in Syria.  No one else in the world knew anything about this, but Mr. Carson said he had sources who told him it was true--sources better than the President's.  His campaign promised they would be releasing evidence during the weekend.   The weekend is over.  We're still waiting.

This week, he decided to jump in bed with America's leading narcissist and talked about seeing video of thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering the fall of the World Center towers on 9-11  He backed out of that obvious falsehood pretty quickly without offering to present proof to the media. (I'll admit to being a little disappointed about that.)

I guess the Carly Fiorina Proof Creation Team he hired is a little backlogged with the other work he has sent them.

So for now, we're still waiting

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