Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another Careless Gun-Owner Story (Spoiler Alert: the Toddler Lives)

"A 3-year-old was hospitalized Friday after (he) accidentally shot himself inside a vehicle in a grocery store parking lot...

...Police said the boy was in the front seat while his 10-year-old brother helped mom load groceries into the trunk... The young boy reached into the front center console, took out his mom's 9 MM handgun and shot himself. Police say the bullet exited his thigh....

...Police say the little boy's mother is a CPL (Concealed Permit License) holder.  They said she's devastated by what happened and is by her son's side in the hospital but could face serious charges.

'The purpose of a CPL is so you can carry a handgun, then carry it.  Don't store it in a car."

eye'm thynkin':  She's "devastated?!"  What she is, is incredibly lucky that her stupid, casual, careless attitude about gun ownership and gun safety didn't kill her son.

Read more at Fox 2 Detroit  

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  1. Bingo. She is also lucky that she wasn't shot and that her other son wasn't shot. Morons.