Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Few More Stories That Caught My Interest Today


m'eye thoughts:  "According to Edwards, this has not happened at other locations, to her knowledge.  As of now, the incident is still being looked into, but we're told no one is in any kind of trouble."

Excuse me?

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What struck me most wasn't that Trump may or may not have broken federal election law, but that Carson seems to indicate he would rather have endorsed anyone BUT Trump.  Which begs the question: "Why endorse someone you obviously dislike?"

With all the money he made from his publicly funded book tour...excuse me, I mean from his campaign...he really can't need a job that badly.

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"It was optimistic, it was a nod to hardworking Americans, but it was also vaguely uncomfortable and out of touch.  He told teachers that their purpose is to 'give up money to change lives' (instead of, you know, paying teachers more), and then he had this sweet, but very odd image of taking your widow neighbor out for dinner.

And that's great.  But that's also the thing with Kasich.  Even when he's trying for an optimistic tone, he sounds vaguely like he's speaking to 1950s. women..."

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