Saturday, March 19, 2016

More Stories from Political Pollution


MaKayla was killed by an 11-year-old who had easy access to a firearm.  Her family wants gun owners who do not store their guns safely to be held responsible for tragedies like this.

MaKayla's Law is now making its way through the Tennessee legislature. Erin Luper, an NRA lobbyist in Tennessee, wants to make sure the law never passes.

m'eye thoughts:  They call themselves "responsible gun owners," until it's time to be held responsible.  Makes sense, in a rabid NRA kind of way.

News on the progress of MaKayla's Law


These people have completely fallen off the cliff of common decency.  Violence is not a virtue. Rioting is not a civilized response to rejection.  Just when I think they can't surprise me any more, they say or do something that not only surprises, it shocks and disgusts.

I want my America back.

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"I want, no, I demand, a president whose first loyalty is to the Constitution, and to the people--all the people--he or she was elected to serve.  Only a Christian has the privilege--and only ones like Ted cruz, who present themselves as holier than thou, would have the gall--to claim otherwise."

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