Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Update: NC Gov. Pat McCrory Admits He Doesn't Know What's in Anti-Gay Bill He Signed

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R)
Last week I wrote about North Carolina's HB 2, a new anti-gay law--a bill that was introduced, debated, passed, and signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory (R)--all within 10 hours.


In light of the negative response from business and local leaders, NBC News questioned the governor about the new law.  Mr. McCrory blamed the negativity swirling around his latest triumph as "political theater" created by those who oppose his re-election campaign.  "This is political correctness...gone amok,"  and a "calculated smear campaign," stating that the law doesn't discriminate against anyone. 

Some legal experts believe the new law revokes nearly all local anti-discrimination laws like Greensboro's fair housing ordinance as well as a policy governing city contracts in Raleigh. When Gov. McCrory was asked about these apparent problems, he responded, "I've been traveling all day, so you're telling me something I'm not aware of.'

what eye thynk:  Governor McCrory, in the future, may I suggest you actually READ a bill before putting your signature on it?  Responses like yours to NBC could cause one think you pushed this legislation through solely in order to force your I-hate-gays agenda on the people of North Carolina without a thought to the possible repercussions.

A spokesperson for Mr. McCrory later admitted that he's "not sure" how the new law will impact some local ordinances, but offered his opinion that local housing ordinances would not be affected. 

Maybe North Carolina's Republican leadership should have spent longer than 10 hours to introduce, debate, pass, and sign this bill into law.  You know, at least until they could offer more than a "not sure" to inquiries on how the law will work.

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