Monday, March 14, 2016

Today's Dumb-*ss with a Gun Story

A total of six people, a family of five and an unrelated teenager, were all shot at a Florida gun range in what was obviously a total accident.

The shooting happened early Saturday afternoon at the Forest Road 88 Shooting Range.  According to police officers, a 21-year-old man who of course knows how to safely handle a firearm, was loading an antique shotgun.  The shotgun reportedly discharged accidentally.  The shot apparently hit the concrete floor, and then ricocheted, spraying shotgun pellets through the air, hitting six people...

...The Ocala shooting range, where the accident occurred..."is unsupervised" (Sarcasm alert!) ...because anybody who is able to pass the stringent vetting to purchase a firearm has obviously trained diligently in how to handle a weapon that can take someone's life with the mere twitch of a finger.  Why would anyone need to supervise?

eye'm thynkin':  Those are some very lucky people.  

Added note:  In 2005, a man accidentally killed himself at this same unsupervised shooting range while he was "practicing cowboy action shooting."

Read more about the shotgun accident at
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