Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Oregon Votes to Go 100 Percent Clean Energy

Republicans in Congress may be refusing to adhere to the Paris climate agreement, but Oregon Democrats are rolling ahead with legislation that would make the state the first in the nation to rely 100 percent on clean energy for all of their electricity needs.

In fact, both the state house and the state senate passed the Clean Energy and Coal Transition Plan despite Republican cries that going full renewable energy will make energy costs skyrocket, which isn't true.  As it turns out, clean energy sources are poised to become less expensive than energy generated by coal and gas, both of which are finite resources.

When Governor Kate Brown signs this bill into law, Oregonians will get to work enacting it to get the state completely off the coal grid by 2035.  In a statement, Brown praised the legislation, saying it "equips Oregon with a bold and progressive path towards the energy resource mix of the future."

Oregon already draws 43 percent of their electricity generation from hydropower... According to Oregon utility company Pacific Power, the new measure would reduce carbon pollution the equivalent of taking over six million cars off the road.

m'eye thoughts:  More of this, please.

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