Thursday, March 10, 2016

West Virginia Legislature, Bought & Paid for by NRA

West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D)
Gun owners in West Virginia will no longer need to get a permit to have a concealed weapon...  The House voted on the measure Friday and officially overrode a gubernatorial veto on Saturday.

The law, which does away with the permit and training program for people 21 and older who want to carry a concealed weapon, was supported by the National Rifle Association, (color my not shocked), but opposed by law enforcement across the state. (And no doubt by their families who want them to return home safely at the end of their shift.)

"West Virginia's law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe and helping us in times of need, and it's disheartening that the members of the Legislature have chosen not to stand with these brave men and women--putting their safety and the safety of West Virginians at risk," Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said in a statement Saturday...

...The (now defunct) permitting process also included a background check and a gun safety class, both meant to reduce gun violence.

eye'm thynkin':    A permit process designed to reduce gun violence does not serve the NRA's reason for being: to sell more guns.  And anyway, what's a dead cop or two when there is NRA money to be had?

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