Friday, March 11, 2016

Assault - All in a Day's Work in Rich-White-Trashland

Michelle Fields
While most Republicans spend their time taking verbal jabs at "mainstream" reporters...who dare to ask them tough questions, Donald Trump's campaign has taken to physically assaulting them,.  And it's getting worse by the day.

In a glimpse of what Trump's presidency may look like should he win, his entourage refused to take responsibility for violently shoving a female reporter at a campaign rally because they thought she was part of the liberal media.  They did, however, express remorse after learning she was from conservative website Breitbart.  Apparently violence against reporters is okay, but only if they aren't well-known Trump cheerleaders.

Reporters identified Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski after he grabbed Breitbart journalist Michelle Field's arm and tried to throw her to the ground...

...Instead of apologizing, or better yet, resigning, Lewandowski excused his actions by saying he simply used violence against the wrong person.

eye'm thynkin':  So in Rich White Trashland, it's okay to rough up anyone his Royal Combover-ness doesn't know personally?  "Sorry, I didn't mean to assault YOU, I thought you were someone know, someone who isn't a true believer.  Bashing unbelievers is totally cool, though.  La Donald is totally with that.  If you ain't 'us,' you ain't sh*t, ya know.  Hahaha." 

This is considered a reasonable explanation for an unreasonable act?  Whatever happened to civility? Oh, that's right, that went out with the Trump-zi salute.

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