Thursday, March 17, 2016

Two More Stories from My Political Pollution Page


m'eye thoughts: Never mind how the person who would be forced to choose between eating or driving is supposed to find a job, or once employed get to that job, or get their kids to day care.  I give you Alabama State Senator Arthur Orr (R), a man who seems to think that serving his constituency means making the lives of those who need a leg up as difficult as possible because, as any good Republican knows, poor = lazy.

Mr. Orr's bio includes the information that he is a Sunday School teacher at First Bible Church in Decatur, Alabama.  I guess Mr. Orr's church uses a very special Bible, one that includes the little known lesson "Blessed are they who shame the poor for they shall be righteous in their own eyes."

Amen, and thank you, Jesus. 

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"I think it would be, I think you'd have riots.  I think you'd have riots.  You know we have, I'm representing a tremendous--many, many millions of people in many cases first time voters."

Thank you, Mr. Rich White Trash.  I'm sure this suggestion will go a long way toward quelling the burgeoning violence at your campaign events.

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