Friday, March 18, 2016

Fact-Checking the GOP: Putting an End to Trump's "Self-Funding" Claim

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The Statements:

"I'm self-funding my campaign...I'm not going to take any money.  I don't want any money...Right now, I'm into, you would know better than me, maybe $30 million, maybe more...I'm already in for $30 million cash."

The Facts:

Working backwards, let's start with the $30 million claim.  As of January 31, Donald J. Trump reported giving $250,318 to his campaign.  He has loaned his campaign an additional $17.5 million, money that is repayable at any time.  He has also billed his campaign $2.7 million for the use of Trump branded offices and services. 

As for his claim that he doesn't "want any money,' well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so...

In one way, (and only one) I am like La Donald: I know words too; and, unless I'm delusional, this screenshot, taken from the official DonaldJTrump campaign site, seems to be asking for donations, right there at the top under Mr. Rich White (I-don't-want-any-money) Trash's photo.

m'eye Verdict:  

I've tried massaging the numbers (old math, new math, counting on my fingers and toes math), but I can't get $250,318 plus $17.5 million minus $2.7 million to add up to $30 million--no matter if it's cash, credit or debit.  

Throw in that "Donate" link prominently displayed below Trumpenstein's hamster habitat head on his official website, along with a more detailed look at the machinations of the Combover King's campaign, and I have to conclude that (gasp!) Donald J. Trump is a big fat, 5 out of 5 Gops liar.

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