Saturday, March 12, 2016

Obama Stops Sale of Sacred Native American Land to Foreign Mining Company

It's like President Obama can't go a day without infuriating the Right over something stupid... Republican Congressman Paul Gosar is furious that President Obama thwarted his effort to sell an Apache holy site to foreign business interests.

Joining with Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick--a Democrat who bears equal shame in this horrific endeavor to place greed over decency--attempted to have an area known as Oak Flat, or Chi'chil Bildagoteel, sold to British-Australian owned Resolution Copper in what would have marked the first time in history that Native American land would be handed over to foreign interests by Congress.

To protest the attempt to sell holy land, 300 Apaches marched 44 miles to occupy the ancient sacred ground where the New York Times reports coming-of-age ceremonies, especially for girls, have been performed "for many generations"...  The area has been closed to mining since 1955 when then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower recognized the importance of protecting the land.  The ban was reinforced in 1971 by the Nixon administration.  Though the land is protected, Kirkpatrick and Gosar managed to slide a provision that would hand the land over to the mining company into the National Defense Authorization Act...

...Unfortunately for the duo, the Obama Administration swooped in to save the day.  The Park Service and Forest Service listed the land as a historic location, thus preventing the sale--and Gosar is furious.  In a press release, the Congressman melted down over the bad (for him) news:

"Shame on the Park Service and Forest Service for ramming a bogus historic place listing down the throats of Arizonans.  Clearly, the Obama Administration cares more about pandering to extremist environmental groups and a D.C. lobbyist from the Clinton Administration than following the law and listening to the American people."

eye'm thynkin':  Translation:  We tried to ram the sale of Native American sacred land through Congress by hiding it in a defense bill that nobody in Congress actually read, and we're really p*ssed that Obama caught it, so we're going to blame it on Clinton and lobbyists because our lobbyist didn't pay us enough, and the British/Australian company that wants this land speaks English so they're kinda like American people too and that's why we listened to them.  And anyway, this site is used for girls, and everybody knows girls aren't that important, and they're Native American girls so they're probably not even Christian!  

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