Thursday, March 24, 2016

Four Stories from Political Pollution


m'eye thoughts:  Trump vs. Cruz: who is the most obnoxious?  Here's a 1:43 video that probably will not, in any way, help you decide. Enjoy!

Watch the video at Addicting Info


Guess they were surprised that this many people could figure out how to get one of those spanking new voter IDs.

Read more at Freak Out Nation

Hope you didn't expect the local official in charge to apologize.  

Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell's response here.  


Laws that allow a man to openly carry a handgun into a special needs school were repeatedly questioned and jeered at a special Monday night meeting of parents, staff and others at the school.

The best question of the night:  
"Kids with a toy gun can get kicked out of school but an adult with a (real) gun doesn't?" one man asked.

Read more at Michigan Live


If you need another reason to fear the misogyny and all around ickiness of Donald Trump, this should do it.

Watch the video at Buzz Feed News

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