Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Responsible Gun Owner, Another Child is Dead

"A 4-year-old boy is dead after accidentally shooting himself with a privately owned firearm that he found in his Bethel State Trooper Housing home in Alaska...

...Rivka Zorea writes, 'So Sad, preventable tragic accident.  Keep guns locked and unloaded!'

While that's good advice, Joshua Meyers responds, 'Please remove your comment, the family hasn't even buried their child yet...'

Lynn Seifert writes, 'This is so sad...How did this little guy get to a gun?'

Serenity Grunzke responds, 'I'd like to say that I am part of this family and more details will be released soon but this was in no way the fathers or families (sic) fault.'...

...The gun belonged to a family member though so it's either the gun's fault, the child's, or the gun owner's.  Whoever owns a gun that a child gets their hands on should be held accountable, yet because the family is grieving due to negligence of one of their own, that's rarely done...

...A child died and people are worried about the gun owner's feelings."

eye'm thynkin':  The owner of that gun and whoever left it where a 4-year-old could reach it should be suffering.  There is no excuse.

I can only think how this little boy would still be alive if this responsible gun owner had taken the time to put it where no child could find it.  In lieu of that being too much of a burden, what if the gun he found had been equipped with a lock, been unloaded, or been one of those smart guns that only the owner can fire--you know, the ones the NRA and American ammo-sexuals hate so much they threaten gun shop owners who sell them. 

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