Saturday, December 19, 2015

Congress Passed a $1.1 Trillion Bill That Nobody Read

what eye thynk:  Our only hope is that President Barack Obama attacks this disastrous bill like a Line Item Veto Gold Medalist.  A crash course in speed reading wouldn't hurt either. At least he'll have more time to read it than Paul Ryan permitted his fellow Representatives. 

Eye Recommend:
(Any underlines are mine.)

Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado posted on Facebook on Thursday, giving the general public a revealing look at the kinds of bullshit shenanigans that Congress allows itself...
Shenanigans like:
1) They didn't create a budget bill.  Instead, they 'hid' the budget inside an older, irrelevant bill by editing the bill entirely away and replacing it with the budget.
2) They did this so that they could get around the mandatory 3-day 'inspection period' that Congress attempts to enforce on itself, so that these enormously complex laws can actually be read.  Also, so that they could schedule a meager hour of House time to debate the bill... One hour.
3) They revealed the deception at 1AM Thursday morning when they deposited an inhumanly large amount of text on each Congressman's desk (welcome to the Paul Ryan era of passive aggressive tricksterismexpecting them to read and understand it by the scheduled time of 9:15AM Friday morning, for that one hour of debate to start.  2,009 pages of hour of debate...starting just 32 hours after the pages were delivered...
...So why did the GOP want to hide the Omnibus bill and keep it from debate using all these classic tactics of unadulterated government corruption?  Simply put, there's something in it for absolutely everybody to hate.
Brietbart .com unleashed a scathing editorial calling the Omnibus bill "a total and complete sell-out of the American people masquerading as an appropriations bill."
When Brietbart hates it, you know its bad.
Time Magazine pointed out rather brusquely that the bill includes riders that allow the U.S. to start exporting oil again, that protects political "dark money" groups from the IRS, that prevent the SEC from forcing corporations to reveal their campaign finance donations, and that take $35 billion in funding away from Obamacare.
Protecting their money-men and destroying healthcare for millions of Americans--the two most important tenets of Republicanism. Check.
HuffPol derided the Omnibus for slashing $93 million from the WIC program that combats child hunger, revokes a significant part of the Dodd-Frank Act designed to prevent the 2008 crash from recurring and pays $93 million to Lockheed-Martin for warplanes that we literally have no use for.
Hungry children are poor children and their families don't vote Republican, so why feed them?  Our bankers told us they don't like Dodd-Frank, and we want shiny, new airplanes when the time comes to drop those nuclear bombs and save the world! 

The House passed the Omnibus bill on December 11 with a vote of 219-206.  The Senate followed on December 13 with a vote of 56-40.  

Washington corruption wins, America loses...again. 
You can read Mr. Danielson's article here.

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