Sunday, December 13, 2015

LIberty University Where Guns Are Godly, Hatred is Hallowed, and Dancing is the Devil's Work

what eye thynk:  As you read this, remember this story is about Liberty University, an evangelical "Christian" school founded by the late Jerry Falwell.

Eye Recommend: 
THIS WEEK IN GOD, by Steve Benen 
 Jeb Bush with President Jerry Falwell Jr. in May 2015
About a week ago...President Jerry Falwell Jr. urged Christian students during the school's convocation to carry concealed weapons. 
The Washington Post quoted Falwell, using alarmingly violent rhetoric, saying "I've always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in.' Though the rest of his sentence was drowned out by loud applause, he added, 'and killed them.'"
Do these people use a different Bible from the rest of us? 
Five days later, NBC News reported that it wasn't just Falwell's rhetoric raising eyebrows. 
Liberty University is ending a ban on firearms in residence halls... 
..Liberty has permitted students, faculty, and staff with gun permits to carry concealed weapons since 2011, but the dorms were excluded from the policy--until this week... 
...To fully appreciate the significance, consider the bigger picture... Restrictions placed on Liberty's students are the stuff of legend--its code of conduct dictates that students are prohibited from seeing R-rated movies, listening to music that is not "in harmony with God's word,"drinking alcohol, dancing, or kissing.  Women on campus are prohibited from wearing dresses or skirts "shorter than the top of the knee."
In practice, we now see a dynamic in which Liberty students cannot have a "Mad Max: Fury Road" DVD in their dorm room, but they can have a loaded semi-automatic near their bedside.
Dancing or wearing a short skirt will send you to hell, but terrorize a Muslim and you're automatically part of the modern evangelical Hallelujah Brigade.  
You can read Mr. Benen's complete article here.

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