Friday, December 11, 2015

Senators Tsk Tsk Drug Price Gouging, Offer No Solution

AIDS activists protesting outside
Turing Pharmaceuticals headquarters
"Senators from both parties on Wednesday denounced huge overnight price increases for decades-old drugs that have been made by some pharmaceutical companies lately, calling them unconscionable and detrimental to patents...

...Most of the hearing, which was described as the first in a series, was devoted to looking at the impact of the sudden price increases on doctors, patients and hospitals."

eye'm thynkin':  While its nice to know our Senators are aware of the drug price gouging some Americans are facing, I would suggest their time would be better spent actually doing something more than tsk-tsking about it.

How about a bill that reduces all U.S. drug prices to the lower costs currently enjoyed in foreign countries?  I think U.S. patients have been subsidizing pharmaceutical costs in Europe and elsewhere long enough.  Oh, and a rider that restricts the percentage the cost can be raised annually would be nice too. 

Yes, I am aware of how unrealistic that is.  It's almost as unrealistic as expecting Washington to produce a solution of their own. 

Read more at The New York Times

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