Thursday, December 17, 2015

Trust Trump -- "He Was Sent from God"

"During his rally in Mesa, Arizona, Trump declared that he would build a border wall taller than the airplane hanger that was being used as the event venue.

The GOP hopeful then introduced Jamiel Shaw, whose son was killed by an undocumented immigrant in 2008.

"That's why we need Donald Trump.  Because Donald Trump is going to make it safe again.  Nobody cares.  It's all about illegal aliens, that's all they care about.  They don't care about us as Americans.  Trump wants to make America first, okay.  We need that...  This is our time to live on Earth.  Why do we have to be under this oppression from illegal aliens?...  We've got to stand with Trump, and you have to trust him the way I do because I believe that he was sent from God."

eye'm thynkin':  I'm sorry Mr. Shaw lost his son, but no amount of self-delusional wishful thinking is going to get God to care one iota about American politics or what "they" are doing in Washington to "oppress" U.S. citizens. Furthermore, having been force fed the type of hate-filled ranting that Mr. Trump has specialized in over the past months, I can guarantee that Mr. Rich White Trash is not going to be number one on God's good-guy list any time soon.

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