Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 16 - More Stories You'll Find at Political Pollution

1 - Republicans Just Introduced a 'War on Christmas' Bill So Stupid It Will Make Your Head Spin
m'eye thoughts: Because Congress has nothing important to do right now, the GOP has introduced H.R. 564, dubbed the "Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the symbols and traditions of Christmas should be protected for use by those who celebrate Christmas."  Because so many stores, public displays, parades, and TV commercials are being forced to hide their Santas, trees, wreathes...?  In America it's all Christmas, all the time, starting before Halloween.  I fail to see the persecution from which they think they need protecting.  But, hey, throw that red meat!  
And, excuse me, but where is the equal protection for other religions and their holidays?  You know, the ones REALLY being persecuted? Oh, that's right.  Religious freedom is a Christian right only.
2 - Republicans Pass Yet Another Anti-Abortion Law
In their ongoing War on Women, the GOP has managed to sneak a new abortion prohibition into, of all things, an education bill.  The prohibition is meaningless, but still, the GOP must be so proud to be able to add another notch to their anti-women record.
3 - GOP Presidential Candidates Attend 'Hate the Muslims' Summit
Fiorina, Carson, Santorum -- "Once again, the Republican party stoops to the gutter-level of bigotry in America in order to beg for votes.  Instead of showing the political courage to stand for the values enshrined in the First Amendment of the US constitution, the party is surrendering to the fascists at its base.  Shame on them.
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