Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 12 - More Stories You'll Find at Political Pollution

1 - Gun Linked to Paris Attacks Traced Back to Florida Arms Dealer Implicated in Iran-Contra Scandal
m'eye thoughts:  While we're censuring violent Muslim radicals, (and rightfully so), perhaps a look into the sort of, maybe, kinda legal military type gun sales going on in our own backyard might be in order? 
2 -  Finished: Fiorina Town Hall Event Draws Only 14 People
3 - Ben Carson Threatens to Leave Republican Party--Says He 'Won't Sit By and Watch a Theft'
"With Carson's epic tanking in the polls after his entire life's biography was revealed to be a work of fiction, there is every reason to believe he is now jockeying for Trump's VP pick."
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