Monday, December 14, 2015

Quote for Monday, December 14

In honor of the Paris Climate Agreement...

I'd say this is a legacy of which he can be proud.

monday quote:
"...If I'm lucky and I have enough years left--and I'm in no rush on this, but 20 years from now, let's say, and I'm still around, I've got some grandkids--I want to be able to take my little grandson or granddaughter on a walk to the park and know that the planet is in pretty good shape.  And I want to feel like I contributed to that.  And when I'm holding that little hand or pushing that kid on a swing and I look up at the sky and I know that it's okay--that little kid may not know that there was an alternative future there that could have been grim... And that's fine with me.  If he or she are able to enjoy the sunny day and feel good about it, and breathe clean air, and go swimming in an ocean, and I can watch them play--that will be a pretty good legacy.  I'll feel pretty good about that."
(Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States, 1961-     )

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