Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kasich Thinks It's a Bad Idea to Stop Terrorists From Buying Guns

"Appearing on CNN's State of the Union show, (Ohio Governor and Republican presidential candidate John) Kasich talked to host Jake Tapper about the subject of terrorism and mass shootings."

Mr. Kasich indicated that he would allow suspected terrorists to buy guns so they wouldn't find out the U.S. was watching them.

"Tapper, of course, questioned Kasich's (lack of) logic here, saying:

'Let me game this out.  They're on the terror watch list so they are being surveilled, they go in to guy an AR-15 and you think that person should be able to get it because you don't want to tip them off that they're on a terror watch list?"

Kasich plowed on...though he never actually answered Tapper's question, and said that we have to 'be careful in the way that we handle this.'  He then continued:

'If there is a practical way to limit it, yes, but I think we also have to weigh it off against our ability to surveil.  This is something that has to be considered from many different sides so we don't make a big mistake again.  Things are not that simple in life.  But you know where you want to go, go fix it.'

Kasich did eventually concede that 'of course it makes common sense' to not have suspected terrorists buying guns, but held to his position that it might be a bad idea to stop them."

eye'm thynkin':  We should "go fix it."  Except for stupid.  There is no cure for stupid. 

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