Saturday, December 12, 2015

We Are Becoming the United States of Hatred

Headlines in the past two days:

1 - American Bigots Borrow From Sharia Law by Hurling Stones and Bullets at Muslim Women in Florida

Read more at Addicting Info

2 - Muslim Family's Windows Smashed Twice at New Texas Home

Read more at The Washington Times

3 - FBI Investigates California Mosque Fire

Read more at News8000

eye'm thynkin':  Throwing rocks through Muslim windows in Texas, shooting at Muslim women in Florida, setting fire to Muslim houses of worship in California... 

The hatred spewing from Republican mouths is eagerly consumed by their far right (we love Jesus!) followers and then gleefully acted upon.  What are we becoming?!  Conservative followers fear the 21st Century is leaving them behind and they look for someone to blame, someone to hate, somewhere to strike out, throw a rock, beat up a protester, shoot up a school... That'll show 'em!  I'm with you, Donald!  I'm getting the job done, Ted!  I'm a soldier in your army, Carly!  We have your back, Gov. Abbott!

These actions are a dangerous, violent, adult version of a toddler's temper tantrum, of acting out on the playground.  I am so ashamed--so very, very ashamed.

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