Thursday, December 3, 2015

Take Your Gun to Day Care Day?

"The gun lobby's drive to extend the range of citizens with gun permits to the most vulnerable circles of society--from college campuses to busy restaurants--is now advancing on day care centers.  That's right: Legislation approved two weeks ago by the Republican-controlled Ohio House would allow state residents with concealed-carry permits to pack their loaded, hidden guns into day care centers when they drop off their kids.

Is this really necessary?  The bill's sponsor claimed the legislation would end 'undue hardships' for license holders under current law that requires them to leave guns in the car while dropping off children...

...The Ohio bill also extends concealed-carry privileges into the public areas of airports and police stations."

eye'm thynkin':  Day Care Centers -- When I think "hardship", I think of some gun-nut having to bend over and put his firearm in his glove box before taking Junior inside for a day of fingerpainting.  Don't you?  

Airports -- I'm looking for the logic in allowing someone to wander around an airport with a loaded firearm while security agents are actively X-Raying people and luggage to make sure they don't have any firearms.

Police Stations -- Because there aren't enough armed and trained people inside the building already?

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