Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Few More Stories from My Political Pollution Page


m'eye thoughts:  While this article has some cutesy, human interest value, it is this paragraph that

"Slankard said he got a call from a local Republican after he made the sign Feb. 19. The caller noted that Trump didn't need the money he would earn as president, and could hire qualified people to handle the job of governing."

Whoever this Republican is, he wants to ELECT a president who he then expects will basically OUTSOURCE the job! (Didn't we have enough of that with W?!)  America is not a hotel!  It doesn't need an absentee landlord/manager, it needs a leader!

If (if?!) Trump is not qualified, WHY IN THE HELL YOU YOU SUPPORT HIM?!!!

Read more at CantonRep


What a piece of garbage--and I mean what is being said as well as who is saying it. Garbage.  Shameful, disgusting, lying garbage.

Video at CNN 


The KKK...a.k.a. "The Group Donald Trump Knows Nothing About"

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