Monday, February 8, 2016

Today's Idiot With a Gun Story

                        Image via Blue Virginia
The Reynolds/Villescas family...was staying at an Albuquerque motel with the boy, his 2-year-old sister, the pregnant mother and the father.  The boy reached into his parent's purse for what he thought was an iPod, but instead pulled out the loaded gun...

..."It was like if I was to get up shake your hand and sat back down.  That's how fast it happened," Reynolds said.  "All of a sudden we heard a gun go off and the next minute I realized my girlfriend was bleeding.  Then I sat down and realized I was shot too."...

...The boy's sister was unhurt, the father was shot in the lower back and the other was hit in the shoulder...

...Both children are with child protective services.

eye'm thynkin':  "That's how fast it happened."  Yes, you idiot, that's why guns shouldn't be casually left sitting around where children can find them.  You're responsible for this, no one else.  

I wonder, do you have any idea how incredibly lucky you are you're not planning a funeral?

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