Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Extreme Creepiness of the Christian Purity Movement

Perhaps one of the most disturbing images on the Internet recently comes from the Christian fundamentalist website, "Let Them Marry."  Formerly called, "True Love Doesn't Wait (It Marries," the pro-early marriage site is a Quiverfull ministry dedicated to teaching fathers the truly biblical path to marriage for their young sons and daughters...

...(This) onerous quote...which likens daughters to apples and their fathers to farmers, is an apt representation of the creepy objectification of young girls and women by their own fathers which pervades the Christian purity movement.  The message is clear:  the value of a young woman is in her virginity--a consumable commodity owned by her future husband, kept in trust by Daddy.


eye'm thynkin':  Yes, gross.  Also extremely creepy...and icky...ugh!  

It reminds me of the Middle East's focus on female virginity and the sale of daughters to satisfy a debt.  If this is what evangelical candidates want to bring to mainstream Christianity and to America, I'll pass, thank you.

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