Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8 - A Few More Stories I Originally Posted at Political Pollution


m'eye thoughts: "So much for Trump being an expert 'deal maker,' as he just got played by a small charity to the tune of $100,000."

I applaud this veterans' group for refusing to be used by the Trump campaign and still getting their money.

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These selfish jerks will never be able to spend the money they have in their life time.  Now these "patriots" think they're being picked on by being asked to support the country that made them rich in the first place?  

Give me a break.

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"The worst part of Reagan's legacy, as it pertains to average Americans, is the change he brought to
the American economy known as 'supply-side economics.'  The theory was that giving the people at the top large tax breaks would cause them to invest their windfall in new businesses and the expansion of old ones, thereby creating new jobs.  When Reagan largely stopped enforcing the Sherman Antitrust Act, the country saw an unprecedented number of business mergers, acquisitions, and leveraged buyouts.  Small businesses suffered as already large companies became behemoths.  So instead of creating new businesses or expanded capacity, businesses simply bought up other existing businesses."

And so it continues today.  Reagan created the honey pot, and the rich are so addicted to the taste, they think they'll die if they're forced to share.

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