Thursday, February 11, 2016

GOP's Trumpenstein: It's Alive! and Talking Assassination

Donald Trump, swaggering under the freshness of his decisive win in New Hampshire on Tuesday, spoke with Norah O'Donnell on CBS This Morning where he proudly stated his plan for containing North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un and that country's growing nuclear threat.

"I would get China to make that guy disappear in one form or another very quickly," Trump said.

You can watch the video here

what eye thynk:  WTF?!  

Mr. Rich White Trash began his campaign by calling all Mexicans rapists.  He has continued to keep the Trump Circus followers stoked up, entertained, and engaged by escalating his outrageous rhetoric, but he doesn't know when to stop!  

Talk like this isn't America; it's Idi Amin, it's Bashar al-Assad, it's Adolf Hitler, it's Pol Pot--it's sick, it's evil.  The thought that my country, MY country, would find itself in a position where a man like this could sit in the White House is beyond the realm of anything I could have imagined six months ago.

This is what the bonfire of hatred the Republican Party has fed for the past eight years has led to.  Hate is good!  Hate the President!  Hate what he stands for!  Hate his programs!  Neither accept nor acknowledge anything positive this President has done!  Their crusade of loathing and execration has created a legitimate avenue for the dregs of America to see their racist hatred as something to be proud of, something to fight for.

The GOP created this monster through its own unrelenting barrage against anything Barack Obama said, thought, or proposed.  They gave a voice to every nut job willing to rail against any cause or any group that didn't fit with their view of a white, male, moneyed ruling class.  Then they stood beside these nut jobs and joined them in howling for liberal blood, applauding and smiling and calling it "the voice of the people."

Out of those flames and into their midst has walked a Trumpenstein creature they now look at with confusion and horror as he strides past them trailing his mass of cheering acolytes.

I sure as hell hope they kept the blueprints and can find their grotesque's off-switch before he destroys one of the greatest democracies to ever grace the face of planet earth. 

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