Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 11 - More Stories I Originally Posted at Political Pollution


m'eye thoughts:  Who needs clean state parks or fresh water when you can have guns instead?!

As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush signed a law that prohibited state agencies from suing private gun clubs.  The law came from a deal with one particular shooting club that promised to clean up lead bullets a Florida water agency said were polluting Sawgrass Lake Park.  Under the 2004 deal, the gun club was supposed to clean up the lead on their own grounds and build a barrier to keep further pollution from the state park.  Now, 12 yeas later, none of the gun club's promises have been kept.

Florida's water agency is trying to sue the gun club, basically for breach of contract.  NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer is demanding that Governor Rick Scott abolish the Southwest Florida Water Management District once and for all.

Anything to protect gun owners--even if it harms everyone else.  That's the NRA.

Read more at Sunshine State News

These next three stories, read in reverse order, trace the end of the Malheur Wildlife Reserve occupation.


Update Feb 11, 2016  12:51 PM
Almost two hours after the expected surrender, just one militant is left in the refuge.  Jeff Banta and Sean and Sandy Anderson have surrendered, but David Fry is refusing to come out, saying he feels "suicidal."

David Fry isn't even a rancher!  He's an anti-Semitic, homophobic, pro-Nazi, pro-ISIS idiot from a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio who drove to Oregon to join them because...?  Mr. Fry is the guy who created the occupation's website and set up their live feeds.

Read more at Think Progress


I got my wish!  Cliven Bundy was arrested at the Portland Airport on his way to join the protest.  I wonder if federal jails offer a family plan?

FBI agents are now within 50 yards of where the last four occupiers are holed up, and have "moved to contain the remaining occupiers by placing agents at barricades both immediately ahead of and behind" their encampment, the FBI said.

Sandy Anderson, one of the last four inside the Malheur Wildlfe Refuge said, "If they tear gas us, it's the same as firing on us... We're not leaving without our weapons."

Looks like that rumored Thursday surrender is off the table.

Read more at Huffington Post


The FBI is telling people to stay in their homes as they close in on the four remaining occupiers at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge who say they will surrender on Thursday morning.

Cliven Bundy took to Facebook in an attempt to escalate the situation.  It would not make me unhappy if he were to get there only to end up behind bars with his charming offspring.

Oregon Public Broadcasting has been live streaming.

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